Welcome to life with the Broad Street Bullies

Welcome to our blog.  This is a blog that’ll Chronicle our experiences working with a 80+ dogs that were all set to be euthanized, as well as the people who surround us.   We hope to show you stories of hope, what can happen when people unite..the power of the collective voice against hatred and anger .

Almost every dog here has a champion… Someone who loved them and didn’t want to see them die .. Our job is to teach the dogs how to be with people and be safe and if we can’t make that happen then to make their life as  good as it can possibly be in our sanctuary.

We work really hard to make this their home and the dogs know it… We have different philosophies and different ways of doing things… Time is not a factor for them… There are no clocks on their head.

Our dogs would be considered special needs.. they thrive in the structure setting.

Welcome to the Broad Street Bullies Blog..


We hopefully will make you cry laugh chuckle get hysterical.  We will share our joy, our  passion, our  anger, our love  and our happiness with you.

We will ask you to join in the fight to stop animal cruelty we may also ask you to help a person in need.

We have never understood how somebody can help an animal and leave the person suffering… We don’t do that..

Here on Broad Street we end up helping homeless people we end up helping people in trouble with an animal we end up helping people in trouble with a child we help whoever crosses our path because that’s what we do.

Sometimes this blog will be about our daily activities and the crazy things that occur.. sometimes it will be a teaching tool to help prevent dog bites and to keep dogs safe,. Sometimes it’ll be an alert to help us fight animal cruelty.. sometimes we hope will be inspirational and give people encouragement when there seems to be no hope…

We cannot solve all the world’s problems we don’t try to, but any problem that crosses our path we try to give it our all to help who we can.

We are supported by a group called Justice for Lainey on Facebook, an amazing group of people who make miracles happen…

The Broad Street bullies are all owned by road to home rescue .

My name.is Kim Strong and I will be your host on this journey..of exploring rescue , rehab, and  helping people.

I hope to be able to show you incredible people who do the extraordinary every day to make someones life better.

As we always say stay tuned it’s going to be a helluva ride !!







3 thoughts on “Welcome to life with the Broad Street Bullies”

  1. Thanks for starting this. Any education and or information that gets out into the world, is beneficial to these dogs, other rescue dogs and the cause, saving lives and doing it with love. While everyone has different opinions, there is a common ground, the love of animals, humans and the need/want to help.

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