The baby elephant story

On Facebook there was a video of a woman getting sat  on by a baby elephant it was very cute.. I commented that I would love to do this it looked adorable… I had cute little pleasant thoughts all day how about being somewhere where I could play with a baby elephant…

And then the comments started.. a woman goes animals in these tourist attractions are often not treated very well… And of course I know this… And all of a sudden with a comment my tears started to flow.   That didn’t make a lot of sense to me at the beginning.. stopping to think about it.. I deal with animal cruelty everyday.. sometimes I do with people cruelty everyday… It doesn’t drive me to tears.

Yet that adorable video… After I thought about what might be happening to that elephant drove me to tears.

The cruelty to people and animals in this world is astounding I don’t necessarily know there is more of it.   I just think the world is a much smaller place and we see more of it.

We all have our breaking points have what we can accept and see before it psychologically affects us.  Seeing something half a world away that I can do nothing about.. is mine.  Someone making a very simple very truthful probably comment about  something I thought was cute and adorable brought me back to reality of we are very cruel to our animals.

This of course made me think about all of the people that turn a blind eye to animal cruelty that they see or the people that turn away when people are being abused.  The people that say you can’t post that stuff I can’t watch it.

Now hard-core animal activists, even Animal Advocates… Say we have to post that we have to make you aware we have to show you..

Which then, brought me to the thought of that Sarah Mclaughlin video for whatever big animal group it was.. in the eyes of an Angel… When I watch TV that video would come on and I would change the station.  Not because I didn’t like it,  but because it made me cry and I didn’t want to cry.

I think we as Animal Advocates need to stop by bombarding people with these images.  While for  Some, it  fuels a fire to make change….

for others I think it may shut them down.

And this fact really never dawned on me, until today when this adorable video that made me chuckle and smile of an elephant sitting on a person a baby elephant…. Suddenly the thought of that animal Being Hurt made me cry… I won’t look at that video again now.

I’m not sure what the answer is I guess before I wrote a blogpost I probably should have had an answer.. but maybe it’s more important to have a question..

Do we go to far ?

While going too far can create change it can also stall it.  And do we need to be more sensitive to the people who can’t handle it .. and  does it  make them weak that they can’t  handle it?

There are not many who would consider me weak, but the thought  of the baby  elephant Being Hurt is not   something I can handle.

Maybe the the answer is we need to be a little more sensitive to people who are sensitive… if The message we are trying to send hurts people…that isn’t good either …

I can handle dealing with animal cruelty because I feel like I’m doing something about it… However , when I can’t do something about it I can’t handle it.  For the people who have to witness it but don’t feel they can do anything to stop it.. I can see why it bothers them.

An entirely New Perspective based on a one comment on a Facebook post… It’s amazing what we can see when shut our mouths long enough  so  we can open our eyes and listen …

2 thoughts on “The baby elephant story”

  1. I love this blog because it does address a very real concern in the world of animal rescue.
    I am one of those who get physically ill at the pictures of tortured and abused animals. Does this make me weak and unable to rescue animals? No. I have and will continue to assist in animal rescues as long as there is a need. My reaction makes me different from others but no less effective. Do I want these photos not posted? No as I understand the need to post them. But I am very appreciative when someone posts before the photos a warning, such as graphic photos attached. This tells me to swipe on by and not look too closely.
    The world of animal rescue needs both of us, those who can view these photos and those who cannot. I like to think we balance each other out.

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    1. This is so true. As a combat veteran, I know that ignoring these limits, and trying to push people can lead to the worst outcomes. Thank you for writing this, Kim.


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