Ladies Story begins in August..

We had just finished up our garage sale it was a Sunday I was going to do a training in Rome I got a call from a member of Laney stating there was a dog in the woods it was extremely aggressive and nobody could get their hands on it and they were afraid of what would happen if dog control had been called.

So I grab some hot dogs at the nearest convenience store and headed up into the woods.  There stood this young boxer with a box of Milk-Bones so somebody had dumped her and she was wondering and snarling and growling and terrified… She was standing in poison ivy just to make matters more interesting.. so I start to try to lower her up onto the road where I can have better footing and not be standing in poison ivy.. there is a crowd of about 10 people there and I asked them all to turn their backs and not stare at her.. be there in case she attacked me but not to stare Direct.

Her and I played the dance I was trying to throw up slip lead over her head.. she was scared and not wanting to have it… A couple of hours in I got it over her head.  And I started walking her and then we ask her to get in the car she jumped in sat there and didn’t make a move.  At the time another rescue had a small facility in Westmoreland they let me keep her there overnight so I could take her to the vet the next day.  She growls and snarls when I went to get her out of the kennel the following morning and took her to the vet she allowed the vet to take her away and then she lunged up and try to hurt him.   She fortunately did not do any damage.  I brought her home.   She did not like people and she absolutely hates children anybody in the 10-18 range especially male children.   She is such a beautiful dog we put flyers up we sent Im’s …

we sent Facebook posts out trying to get her family…no response..

It looked like lady had a lot of work to do to even be remotely adoptable..

Through trial and error we have found that lady has an intense aversion to male children.  To the point of not being safe to be in the public.

Lady however is amazing with other dogs, and she helps rehab dogs who have severe dog aggression.


Lady is the most loyal loving dog you can imagine.  She would die for me…without blinking an eye ….  She only wants to be next to you and touching you …

She is a sanctuary dog..she will remain with us for life…because of her safety issues.  She has a friend named Elmo who she saved…a beautiful white bull who might not have made it without her.

She is not a dog for everyone…but she is our dog..and like every member of the family she has a job.  A crucial job..and her rewards are affection attention and cheeseburgers.  Along with some pretty serious  playtime..

Lady is a beautiful loving dog…who has a purpose and a place here at road to home..


All because someone threw her away like garbage ..when I am assuming she defended herself against teenage children who hurt her. .

Their Loss is our gain ..she is a one of a kind dog…who melts your heart…






3 thoughts on “Lady..”

  1. I was there the day lady was the woods in Ava..she wanted so badly to trust someone to do the right thing. Lucky for her, Kim was there..we waited and stood out ground, hoping she would give in..Kim finally convinced her that she wasnt going to be left alone. That she was going with someone that was an amazing sight to see


  2. Is this dog you told me about, when you were living out of your car because you couldn’t board two of your dogs while getting a new place? The one that saved you from would-be attackers??


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