They teach us so much ..

Every dog has a story some we know some we don’t.

We make vast assumptions about how a dog behaves according to what we believe they’ve been through. If a dog flinches we assume they’ve been abused if a dog cowers to loud noises again we assume abuse.. if the dog is aggressive we assume abuse.

Unfortunately that’s not always the case. There are jobs that have never been struck at will Flinch at every touch.

There are other jobs that a terrified of loud noises and sometimes that simply means they come from a very quiet home where they have not experienced a lot of loud noises.

If a dog has marks on its face we assume it was a bait dog…

Truly not always the case.

Often times regardless of why they behave the way they do we have to change those behaviors.

There are multiple ways to change behaviors.. the infamous correction. The word no. Punishments.

Here we’re not big on those sometimes a dog is told no so much they actually think their name is no.

We try to catch them doing good and we reward the behavior we like.

We figure out what is going on in the dogs mind, to cause them to behave the way they are..

If they are guarding – they are afraid of us taking what they guard away…so the last thing we do is take the item away …first we give and give and give…then we trade…then they offer…

It’s a different way of approaching the behavior in question but it works. It is slower then traditional methods., But again it works …

Every dog has their quirks …we believe animals are sentient beings ..they are able to feel emotions.

What works with one dog . Doesn’t work with another. .no method works with every dog..

So we learn the dog ..what works for them..and we work within those parameters .

A dog no amount of soft spokeness was working. He was all over the I gave a leash correction and a firm heel!!

Dog fell into place..and did exactly what he was told..

That breaks my we have to go back get his attention and teach him softer more subtle ways of being around people. Dallas is a good boy with lots of energy, but he only knows to listen to heavy handed handlers..

Backtracking is one of the hardest things to do …

We go to where the dog is, and bring them forward..slow and steady changes behavior …not fast and stifling..

Each dog teaches us a new way ..a new process.we have to be smart enough to listen

One thought on “They teach us so much ..”

  1. Our Memphis was only a pup when we got him. He seems so frightened of every little noise outside. It’s to the point he can almost pull me down when he gets afraid. He also had a scar on his snout, they said he got in a scrape with a littermate. I do not want to make the same mistakes that happened to my Isabella.


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