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When a rescurer who always says yes …says no.

We all know that one rescuer who always says yes. The one that will go so far out of their way to make the impossible happen.

But what happens when that Rescuer says no. What happens when they reach their limit.

When a rescuer says no a chip comes out of their heart, their need to save and please people gets dinged. Their self confidence their belief in themselves gets dinged.

The question I would like to ask is what do you do when someone says no. What do you do when the person you count on to say Yes actually says no.

Do you guilt trip them tell them the animal is going to die without their help. Do you call them names do you accuse them of being selfish? Do you accuse them of not helping animals? Do you lay a guilt trip on a mile wide? Do you insult them personally ?

If you do… Then you need to reevaluate how you respond to a rescuer who says no.

By playing the guilt card… You are saying you do not care about that rescuer .

You are saying you do not care about their boundaries… you do not care about them at all. You are actually saying you are simply using them because they only say yes.

You are saying, you have no respect for them as a human being or an individual with the ability to say no. You are essentially trying to force your will upon them.

That makes you the biggest problem..

When a rescurer says no..take it, believe it. Know they mean it, and support them in their decision. It was a tough decision…To begin with, you have no right to make it harder .

Do not make it more difficult. Please Care about the people not just the animals… People who rescue stand alone the minute they say no, and that is absolutely wrong..

It is dangerous and it isn’t fair.

Compassion fatigue, suicides..and hoarding issues arise out of this . Depression… alcoholism drug addiction…arise when people can no longer cope and are pushed to far..

“I like animals better than people ” is frequently heard from animal people.

That is true until one of these people need the help of a rescuer. Then they are nice and polite and begging for help. That works until the rescuer says no. Then all hell breaks loose.

Then the people needing help start with the accusations, guilt trips, and the true meanness sets in.

Rescuers without boundaries get crushed by this . Their feelings get hurt , their relationships get hurt, and they neglect themselves. They make poor choices, and begin to wear it like a badge of honor while it wipes them out .

I have a saying not my circus not my monkeys…

When I am asked for help ..and I need to say no, I think of that statement..

People are quick and happy to dump their problems on me, but will those same people respond when I put the call out for help . Do they give a damn about the animals they are begging me to take?

Or do they simply want to move a dog and make it someone elses they can pat themselves on the back while they walk away with nice clean hands.

The ones who want to make their problems my problems..yet take no accountability are a succubus. Those that won’t stand behind me when I need help are quickly and without a drop of guilt kicked to the curb.

Their animals are not my circus and not my monkeys. Is it a cold way of thinking ? Probably, but it is a way to keep my mind safe from the succubuses that are involved in rescue.

Once I promise to take care of an animal it is my responsibility..however; until I make that promise…it is not. I have made the choice that I will not be dumped on people who do not do the work , but want a clear conscience.

We all have our ways of coping, just try to make sure you are not dumping, guilt tripping , or hurting the same people you rely on to fix these problems.

If you are that Rescuer..find boundaries, find the courage to take care of you is so inherently wrong to neglect the person who gives so much to the animals.


They teach us so much ..

Every dog has a story some we know some we don’t.

We make vast assumptions about how a dog behaves according to what we believe they’ve been through. If a dog flinches we assume they’ve been abused if a dog cowers to loud noises again we assume abuse.. if the dog is aggressive we assume abuse.

Unfortunately that’s not always the case. There are jobs that have never been struck at will Flinch at every touch.

There are other jobs that a terrified of loud noises and sometimes that simply means they come from a very quiet home where they have not experienced a lot of loud noises.

If a dog has marks on its face we assume it was a bait dog…

Truly not always the case.

Often times regardless of why they behave the way they do we have to change those behaviors.

There are multiple ways to change behaviors.. the infamous correction. The word no. Punishments.

Here we’re not big on those sometimes a dog is told no so much they actually think their name is no.

We try to catch them doing good and we reward the behavior we like.

We figure out what is going on in the dogs mind, to cause them to behave the way they are..

If they are guarding – they are afraid of us taking what they guard away…so the last thing we do is take the item away …first we give and give and give…then we trade…then they offer…

It’s a different way of approaching the behavior in question but it works. It is slower then traditional methods., But again it works …

Every dog has their quirks …we believe animals are sentient beings ..they are able to feel emotions.

What works with one dog . Doesn’t work with another. .no method works with every dog..

So we learn the dog ..what works for them..and we work within those parameters .

A dog no amount of soft spokeness was working. He was all over the I gave a leash correction and a firm heel!!

Dog fell into place..and did exactly what he was told..

That breaks my we have to go back get his attention and teach him softer more subtle ways of being around people. Dallas is a good boy with lots of energy, but he only knows to listen to heavy handed handlers..

Backtracking is one of the hardest things to do …

We go to where the dog is, and bring them forward..slow and steady changes behavior …not fast and stifling..

Each dog teaches us a new way ..a new process.we have to be smart enough to listen


Ladies Story begins in August..

We had just finished up our garage sale it was a Sunday I was going to do a training in Rome I got a call from a member of Laney stating there was a dog in the woods it was extremely aggressive and nobody could get their hands on it and they were afraid of what would happen if dog control had been called.

So I grab some hot dogs at the nearest convenience store and headed up into the woods.  There stood this young boxer with a box of Milk-Bones so somebody had dumped her and she was wondering and snarling and growling and terrified… She was standing in poison ivy just to make matters more interesting.. so I start to try to lower her up onto the road where I can have better footing and not be standing in poison ivy.. there is a crowd of about 10 people there and I asked them all to turn their backs and not stare at her.. be there in case she attacked me but not to stare Direct.

Her and I played the dance I was trying to throw up slip lead over her head.. she was scared and not wanting to have it… A couple of hours in I got it over her head.  And I started walking her and then we ask her to get in the car she jumped in sat there and didn’t make a move.  At the time another rescue had a small facility in Westmoreland they let me keep her there overnight so I could take her to the vet the next day.  She growls and snarls when I went to get her out of the kennel the following morning and took her to the vet she allowed the vet to take her away and then she lunged up and try to hurt him.   She fortunately did not do any damage.  I brought her home.   She did not like people and she absolutely hates children anybody in the 10-18 range especially male children.   She is such a beautiful dog we put flyers up we sent Im’s …

we sent Facebook posts out trying to get her family…no response..

It looked like lady had a lot of work to do to even be remotely adoptable..

Through trial and error we have found that lady has an intense aversion to male children.  To the point of not being safe to be in the public.

Lady however is amazing with other dogs, and she helps rehab dogs who have severe dog aggression.


Lady is the most loyal loving dog you can imagine.  She would die for me…without blinking an eye ….  She only wants to be next to you and touching you …

She is a sanctuary dog..she will remain with us for life…because of her safety issues.  She has a friend named Elmo who she saved…a beautiful white bull who might not have made it without her.

She is not a dog for everyone…but she is our dog..and like every member of the family she has a job.  A crucial job..and her rewards are affection attention and cheeseburgers.  Along with some pretty serious  playtime..

Lady is a beautiful loving dog…who has a purpose and a place here at road to home..


All because someone threw her away like garbage ..when I am assuming she defended herself against teenage children who hurt her. .

Their Loss is our gain ..she is a one of a kind dog…who melts your heart…






Fear it be a mighty master

Fear is something that I seem to discuss often  with people.  Sometimes it is how are you not afraid to deal with these dogs? Sometimes it is I am afraid of my dog, after it has bitten someone .

Sometimes I am afraid of a situation.. or even I am afraid of my child or I am afraid of my husband or boyfriend or girlfriend.  I am afraid of a new job I am afraid of this or that or anything…

Fear becomes bigger than what we are actually afraid of.  Our mind makes it grow to magnificent proportions.

People look at me and go you are never afraid.  Which is the farthest thing from the truth.  Only a fool is not afraid of an 80 or a hundred or a hundred 50 lb dog that could rip you apart..

Only a fool is not afraid of something that can cause massive bodily damage to you or somebody else.

Whether it be a piece of equipment cars on a slippery Road,  Heights ….doesn’t matter what it is…a certain amount of fear is healthy..

With the our dogs it is crucial to manage it.

As you begin to watch videos of us working with a new dog… You often hear us singing.

With the human mind we do not have the ability to multitask.  We can alternate Tasks rapidly, but our brain cannot do two separate things at once.

So by singing and focusing on the words and the music fear becomes irrelevant you focus on the song so your mind can’t have its own talk for being afraid.  It helps to calm you down which helps to calm the dog on the other end of the leash down.  There are all sorts of methods to use to calm a dog down this just happens to be one that we use here often.  It is by far not the only method but for us it is by far the most effective.

There have been dogs that I am afraid of there have been situations that I am scared to death in..

Our staff and volunteers have faced dogs  they have been initially afraid of..

Fear can be counteracted by facing things slowly with proper building blocks for dogs and for humans.  Flooding or bombarding somebody who’s afraid rarely works… it actually shuts the Mind down when you pass a certain threshold..

Slow and steady will always win the race with fear in people and in animals.  I tell people all the time.. fear loses its power when it’s brought into the light of day… And you get it out of your mind.  Put it on paper talk about it.. keeping fears hidden will make them bigger..

If a dog is afraid of something we start at a distance that’s way below the threshold and gradually work our way closer.  Oftentimes people just avoid with the dog is afraid of but just like with people then the fear gets bigger and the coping skills do not.

Facing fears is something that we must challenge ourselves to do when a regular basis… Or our world can get extremely small and isolated.

Dogs who are able to face their fears have entirely new worlds open up for them.  When they learn how to manage their fears, when new situations arise that scare them, they  learn different coping skills than to bite.

By paying attention to their coping skills and making those coping skills work for them we can create byite  inhibitions and teach the dog that body language  and eye contact will help keep them safe…

In essence we change their mind on how to deal with their fear . You will never stop a human or a dog from being afraid of something someday… We simply have to teach people better coping skills on how to combat fear..         fear  will be a mighty master until you master how to fight back

The baby elephant story

On Facebook there was a video of a woman getting sat  on by a baby elephant it was very cute.. I commented that I would love to do this it looked adorable… I had cute little pleasant thoughts all day how about being somewhere where I could play with a baby elephant…

And then the comments started.. a woman goes animals in these tourist attractions are often not treated very well… And of course I know this… And all of a sudden with a comment my tears started to flow.   That didn’t make a lot of sense to me at the beginning.. stopping to think about it.. I deal with animal cruelty everyday.. sometimes I do with people cruelty everyday… It doesn’t drive me to tears.

Yet that adorable video… After I thought about what might be happening to that elephant drove me to tears.

The cruelty to people and animals in this world is astounding I don’t necessarily know there is more of it.   I just think the world is a much smaller place and we see more of it.

We all have our breaking points have what we can accept and see before it psychologically affects us.  Seeing something half a world away that I can do nothing about.. is mine.  Someone making a very simple very truthful probably comment about  something I thought was cute and adorable brought me back to reality of we are very cruel to our animals.

This of course made me think about all of the people that turn a blind eye to animal cruelty that they see or the people that turn away when people are being abused.  The people that say you can’t post that stuff I can’t watch it.

Now hard-core animal activists, even Animal Advocates… Say we have to post that we have to make you aware we have to show you..

Which then, brought me to the thought of that Sarah Mclaughlin video for whatever big animal group it was.. in the eyes of an Angel… When I watch TV that video would come on and I would change the station.  Not because I didn’t like it,  but because it made me cry and I didn’t want to cry.

I think we as Animal Advocates need to stop by bombarding people with these images.  While for  Some, it  fuels a fire to make change….

for others I think it may shut them down.

And this fact really never dawned on me, until today when this adorable video that made me chuckle and smile of an elephant sitting on a person a baby elephant…. Suddenly the thought of that animal Being Hurt made me cry… I won’t look at that video again now.

I’m not sure what the answer is I guess before I wrote a blogpost I probably should have had an answer.. but maybe it’s more important to have a question..

Do we go to far ?

While going too far can create change it can also stall it.  And do we need to be more sensitive to the people who can’t handle it .. and  does it  make them weak that they can’t  handle it?

There are not many who would consider me weak, but the thought  of the baby  elephant Being Hurt is not   something I can handle.

Maybe the the answer is we need to be a little more sensitive to people who are sensitive… if The message we are trying to send hurts people…that isn’t good either …

I can handle dealing with animal cruelty because I feel like I’m doing something about it… However , when I can’t do something about it I can’t handle it.  For the people who have to witness it but don’t feel they can do anything to stop it.. I can see why it bothers them.

An entirely New Perspective based on a one comment on a Facebook post… It’s amazing what we can see when shut our mouths long enough  so  we can open our eyes and listen …

Welcome to life with the Broad Street Bullies

Welcome to our blog.  This is a blog that’ll Chronicle our experiences working with a 80+ dogs that were all set to be euthanized, as well as the people who surround us.   We hope to show you stories of hope, what can happen when people unite..the power of the collective voice against hatred and anger .

Almost every dog here has a champion… Someone who loved them and didn’t want to see them die .. Our job is to teach the dogs how to be with people and be safe and if we can’t make that happen then to make their life as  good as it can possibly be in our sanctuary.

We work really hard to make this their home and the dogs know it… We have different philosophies and different ways of doing things… Time is not a factor for them… There are no clocks on their head.

Our dogs would be considered special needs.. they thrive in the structure setting.

Welcome to the Broad Street Bullies Blog..


We hopefully will make you cry laugh chuckle get hysterical.  We will share our joy, our  passion, our  anger, our love  and our happiness with you.

We will ask you to join in the fight to stop animal cruelty we may also ask you to help a person in need.

We have never understood how somebody can help an animal and leave the person suffering… We don’t do that..

Here on Broad Street we end up helping homeless people we end up helping people in trouble with an animal we end up helping people in trouble with a child we help whoever crosses our path because that’s what we do.

Sometimes this blog will be about our daily activities and the crazy things that occur.. sometimes it will be a teaching tool to help prevent dog bites and to keep dogs safe,. Sometimes it’ll be an alert to help us fight animal cruelty.. sometimes we hope will be inspirational and give people encouragement when there seems to be no hope…

We cannot solve all the world’s problems we don’t try to, but any problem that crosses our path we try to give it our all to help who we can.

We are supported by a group called Justice for Lainey on Facebook, an amazing group of people who make miracles happen…

The Broad Street bullies are all owned by road to home rescue .

My Kim Strong and I will be your host on this journey..of exploring rescue , rehab, and  helping people.

I hope to be able to show you incredible people who do the extraordinary every day to make someones life better.

As we always say stay tuned it’s going to be a helluva ride !!