Symba a sanctuary dog

Symba a sanctuary dog.  He has had a life nightmares are made of.

Symba came from the south, had gun powder poured down his throat.. he was rescued brought to the north where he bit somebody’s face.  Symba has a hairpin trigger, however he is an amazing cuddler .

Simba has come a long way however not being able to guarantee his safety in the community he will stay with us forever.  He loves his sugar time he loves his yard time he loves to play he loves to walk.  Simba is a fantastic dog… One we have grown to love tremendously.   He will be safe with us for the rest of his life and spend lots of time in our laps.   One of the things about the sanctuary dogs is the rules the other dogs have to live by they don’t necessarily have to live by.  When were alone he can crawl in my lap all day long and that’s okay with me… I am his person, and I love him dearly.