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Fear it be a mighty master

Fear is something that I seem to discuss often  with people.  Sometimes it is how are you not afraid to deal with these dogs? Sometimes it is I am afraid of my dog, after it has bitten someone .

Sometimes I am afraid of a situation.. or even I am afraid of my child or I am afraid of my husband or boyfriend or girlfriend.  I am afraid of a new job I am afraid of this or that or anything…

Fear becomes bigger than what we are actually afraid of.  Our mind makes it grow to magnificent proportions.

People look at me and go you are never afraid.  Which is the farthest thing from the truth.  Only a fool is not afraid of an 80 or a hundred or a hundred 50 lb dog that could rip you apart..

Only a fool is not afraid of something that can cause massive bodily damage to you or somebody else.

Whether it be a piece of equipment cars on a slippery Road,  Heights ….doesn’t matter what it is…a certain amount of fear is healthy..

With the our dogs it is crucial to manage it.

As you begin to watch videos of us working with a new dog… You often hear us singing.

With the human mind we do not have the ability to multitask.  We can alternate Tasks rapidly, but our brain cannot do two separate things at once.

So by singing and focusing on the words and the music fear becomes irrelevant you focus on the song so your mind can’t have its own talk for being afraid.  It helps to calm you down which helps to calm the dog on the other end of the leash down.  There are all sorts of methods to use to calm a dog down this just happens to be one that we use here often.  It is by far not the only method but for us it is by far the most effective.

There have been dogs that I am afraid of there have been situations that I am scared to death in..

Our staff and volunteers have faced dogs  they have been initially afraid of..

Fear can be counteracted by facing things slowly with proper building blocks for dogs and for humans.  Flooding or bombarding somebody who’s afraid rarely works… it actually shuts the Mind down when you pass a certain threshold..

Slow and steady will always win the race with fear in people and in animals.  I tell people all the time.. fear loses its power when it’s brought into the light of day… And you get it out of your mind.  Put it on paper talk about it.. keeping fears hidden will make them bigger..

If a dog is afraid of something we start at a distance that’s way below the threshold and gradually work our way closer.  Oftentimes people just avoid with the dog is afraid of but just like with people then the fear gets bigger and the coping skills do not.

Facing fears is something that we must challenge ourselves to do when a regular basis… Or our world can get extremely small and isolated.

Dogs who are able to face their fears have entirely new worlds open up for them.  When they learn how to manage their fears, when new situations arise that scare them, they  learn different coping skills than to bite.

By paying attention to their coping skills and making those coping skills work for them we can create byite  inhibitions and teach the dog that body language  and eye contact will help keep them safe…

In essence we change their mind on how to deal with their fear . You will never stop a human or a dog from being afraid of something someday… We simply have to teach people better coping skills on how to combat fear..         fear  will be a mighty master until you master how to fight back